Marijuana Growth Timelapse



DJ RJ says:

cool anyone can grow hemp now 😛

Nate Andrew says:

How far in were you at about 2:00

Nicholas Woodworth says:

Gotta get that RH up for veg and seedling… way way too low

Oh Yeah Yeah says:

I'm growing it, mine is that big 1:37

PukC Dvo says:

I'd rather do the dishes then watch this shit bei

Iwaen says:

My plants are not growing, just like yours at 0:45 what did you do to make them grow again?

Jamie Little says:

Are you using washing baskets as pots?

John McClane says:

hey qwigga, what type of tent do you have? good setup btw, any more videos of these plants growing?


Angels Pardillo says:

What did you use to grow your plants

Chad Whittier says:

No days terible angle

Cherub says:

this would help if you actually said the number of days. I clicked this to see where my plants should be but this is just a regular timelapse that everyone and their mother does

Boštjan Bricelj says:

It s all perfect, all is missing is a nice song 😉

Belinda 007 says:


xilef721 says:

Wo ist der Hintergrund Beat geblieben ?

Sonac says:

How do you get your nodes spaced out like that. Both of my plants are SUPER dense… like so dense you can't even see the soil underneath. The nodes are SO close to each-other!

Tim Gagnon says:

Why is your humidity so low? I thought 60+ for seedlings.

Jarrod Thomas says:

I liked it how the bottom left plant crept into the shot

Ratchet City says:

The fool didnt even show the bud grow wtf

Hobeus Beisna says:

i like how They get big and strong, give ya girl some Real flowers, i don't give rose, i give flowers real Strong flowers

Tom Rogers says:

The end results on this video are the extent of my knowledge of marihoochie plants. I would like to see how the leaf ends up in bud-form; I assume it has to do with the drying of the leaves?

Sv Records [Instrumental] says:

warum flackert des licht so ?

Caleb Danko says:

A gorgeous Dance of life through these plants. They're like little people. This should be set to music Like one of those Netflix Nature shows! great job, Thank you for this research material. 🙂

jennifer joestar says:

it's dancing 🙂

Dennis Quittek says:

looks so beatuyful

John Yu says:

Is 35% humidity enough for seedlings?

VirgGaming says:

What week was that on at 1:40? Before you moved them to a bigger pot?

Kurt Healy says:

any chance you can add or tell me detailed times? week 1 to week x! Thanks buddy

James Jackson says:

I got plants I need help comment in tips only

Hypercube says:

What camera did you use and how often per frame?

pineapplepissant says:

im assuming this was about 2 1/2 months or so?????

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