My reaction to weed, is it good for me?

My reaction to weed, is it good for me?

Does anyone have this experience when smoking? Whenever I smoke I become very sensitive and conscious about my environment and my emotional state. It is as though I see life from a totally different angle. This change in perspective makes me very anxious as I feel much more vulnerable for some reason. During the first 15-20 min. I feel very anxious, due to being so used to/comfortable with my normal ways of perception. Socializing during this period is very hard for me, as I feel like all my guards are down. Then I start to adjust and feel more comfortable and the rest of the high is like a nice ride down a slide. The best part is when I’m coming down after the high peaks.

I suffer from something called C-PTSD, which comes from trauma from childhood, so I most of the time feel unsafe and keep my guards up. I find that smoking hash/weed helps me put my guards down, but ironically without having my walls up I become anxious. Everything becomes overwhelming for like 20-30 min. Is smoking just not for someone with emotional baggage? Thx for opinions

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